An eye,
a heart and
a boldness

An old saying maintains that three things are needed to
live in balance with nature: an eye that can see nature,
a heart that can feel nature and a boldness that
dares to follow it.
We want to embrace all three.

The Valpantena,
from the roots to
the sky

Our roots are in the Valpantena, more specifically in Erbin,
a village of Cimbrian origin nestled on rolling hills, among
vineyards, cherry trees, meadows and magnificent woods.

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The Valpantena

The Valpantena is a valley of pre-Alpine alluvial origin, featuring calcareous-clayey soils. Cooled by air currents in summer, it has extreme temperature fluctuations, especially at higher altitudes.

The Vineyards

In our vineyards, the highest in the entire Valpantena, grape ripening is delayed by up to a month compared to the valley bottom, aiding the development of unique aromas and fragrances.

Brugolo Sponde Sponde Peratara Macion Formiga Prea Magron Monte Castello La Collina dei Ciliegi Alta Vigneti DOC
Valpolicella Valpantena