About Us

To breathe
new life into
a world that
no longer exists.

There are stories that begin with a promise.
La Collina dei Ciliegi is one of these, the promise is one
that Massimo Gianolli has made to the Valpantena and the
community of the small village of Erbin.

What can
the heart and
mind do together?

When the project was created for La Collina dei Ciliegi, the challenge we set
ourselves was as simple as it was ambitious: we wanted to make the best wine
in the world. It is likely that many people are trying to do this, we are doing
everything we can to really succeed.

Our Manifesto
Slow living, fast thinking
We have learned to combine the speed of a thriving business
with the slow pace of the land that is our home.

Because fast is the world around us, fast is the moment
to be seized and fast are the decisions we have to make.
But now we know that fast is not always synonymous with
better, and some things need time to reach perfection.
Wine, for example.
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What needs to be planted, cultivated, tended and harvested in
order to be bottled and get to your table must respect
the seasons and cycles of nature.

A lesson that we are putting into practice,
and which we would like to share with you. So if you go about in
a rush, take time to drink a glass of wine, slowly.
Drink life one sip at a time. Learn to appreciate a
new pace and enjoy it with us.