DOC Amarone della Valpolicella
Corvina Veronese (55%), Corvinone (40%) and Rondinella (5%)
The harvest is carried out starting from the middle of September with a manual procedure.
Subsequently the grapes are dried in boxes for about 4 months, scrupulously following the traditional technique.
This process causes a weight loss of about 40% due to the loss of water inside the grapes, thus increasing the aromatic and sugary concentration.
In mid-January, with the destemming and pressing of the dried grapes, fermentation begins, starting from a temperature of 5-6°C to reach 20-22°C in the final phase, with a maceration of at least 30 days.
Then the maturation process begins in brand new oakwood barriques for at least 30 months.
After this process the wine is aged in large barrels and then in the bottle.
The evolution of the wine makes it extraordinary with the great traditional Italian dishes, from braised meats to game roasts; try it also on its own, its complexity makes it perfect as a meditation wine.
Best served at 16°C.
The wine has an intense garnet red color, consistent almost impenetrable to the eye, it moves slowly in the glass drawing broad and slow small arches, the nose is an explosion of spices and jammed fruit, with a note of chocolate on the final, in the mouth the onset is soft with a rather enveloping half-mouth and in the final it closes with a good acidity and a truly incredible taste length, ready to be drunk over and over again.


Alcohol Volume: