La Collina dei Ciliegi ®

Not only football: La Collina dei Ciliegi is now official sponsor of Bluevolley Verona!

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La Collina dei Ciliegi loves sport: since 2013, we manage the SkyLounge VIP in San Siro, a privileged area where great football and great wines can be enjoyed together. Nevertheless, la Collina dei Ciliegi likes many sports, including volley, and so it has become one official sponsor of Bluvolley Verona.

This club was founded in 2005 and it substituted the previous API Pallavolo Verona. Since then, the club has continued to grow, reaching an amazing result: it has won the Challenge Cup 2015-2016, a competition among 49 teams coming from all over Europe. The team currently plays in the major league in Italy, also called SuperLega.

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