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La Collina dei Ciliegi in Cina

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The 10th of May, at the Auditorium Assolombardia Confindustria Milano Monza e Brianza, took place the seventh edition of the Annual Report “China in 2016: scenarios and perspectives for the Companies” held by Fondazione Italia Cina.

The reserch conducted by CeSif, edited by Filippo Fasulo and Alberto Rossi, focused on analyzing the untapped potential of the Chinese market which represent today one of the biggest opportunities for growth and development, especially for the Italian companies .
Formed in 2003 in Milan by the will of the President Cesare Romiti, the mission of the Fondazione Italia Cina, is to promote the economical and cultural exchange between Italy and China, to improve the Italian image in China, achieving a strategic position for the Italian business realities, promoting the made in italy and all the excellences that have made our country famous abroad.
Thanks to its well-established presence in the Chinese market, la Collina dei Ciliegi has been selected by the Foundation as a worthy successful business case to be included in the study and deepened, during the conference, with a speech of our President Massimo Gianolli.

Durante il convegno è stata descritta la strategia che, a partire dal 2011, ha consentito a la Collina dei Ciliegi di sviluppare il mercato cinese, oggi per l’azienda il più rilevante a livello internazionale.
During the conference has been described the strategy that, starting from 2011, has allowed la Collina dei Ciliegi to developpe the Chinese market, now the most relevant international market for the company.
The key-elements of the strategy are:

  • use of European funds OCM Wine Promotion;
  • collaborations with national organizations – Fondazione Italia Cina – anche Chinese institutions like Yishang Wine Business Consulting;
  • co-branding activities with italian prestigious brands like AC Milan, Brioni, Isaia, Tod’s, Max Mara;
  • inclusion in the staff of an italian resident area manager in Shangai with perfect knowledge of the language and the Chinese culture;
  • communication through the media used in China (eg. WeChat);
  • legal and commercial advice thanks to the collaboration with international legal offices available in China;
  • collaborations with other Italian wine companies with the purpose to promote first of all the italian style (eg. Italian Wine & Style Promotion –;
  • use of the factoring and credit insurance in order to monitoring and entrusting the coverage and the management of claims of Chinese customers (Generalfinance Spa –

La Collina dei Ciliegi is currently distributed in 14 provinces: not only in the big cities like Shangai, Beijing, Guangzhou, but it also led the Italian wine excellences in the cities of second and third level, urban areas of 3-5 million habitants in rapid development and with a significant increase in consumption.
Thanks to Fondazione Italia Cina for the opportunity!

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